Delivery Options and Training

*We plan to make delivery trips to Minneapolis/St. Paul with each litter when the puppies are 8 weeks old. Contact me if you’d like to meet me somewhere in the cities or anywhere along our route from NW Minnesota down to there. I can also meet you at the airport if you’d like to come and pick your puppy up there!

*I am willing to work out other options – please ask me and we will come up with a plan!

*Visit our farm! We’d love to have you visit our farm at selection time or to pick your puppy up.

*Cargo Shipping: We can also ship puppies out of the Minneapolis airport. The total cost of this is around $400. Message me if you’d like to know more about this option.

Please contact me and we will work something out! We live in the very Northwest corner of Minnesota, so getting up to where we live may be difficult for you. We are happy to meet you and work with you.

Training: North Star Dog Training, located just five miles from our farm. Contact Megan at or 218-762-1591 to learn more! Megan offers a great package to get your puppy started on the basics of training before your puppy goes home to you!